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Harnacks is a Medical Aid Provider best. And we offer the biggest medical aid options.

1. Bonitas

2. Discovery

3. Fedhealth

4. Liberty

5. Medshield

6. Momentum

7. Resolution Health

8. Essential Medical

Plus! Top-up cover for when your medical aid benefits need an extra boost.

1: Medical Aids- are non profit institutions managed by profit making administrators. It is important to know if you are talking to your medical aid and when you are talking to the administrator.

You are a member - shareholder of your medical aid and as such entitled to attend and vote at the annual General Meetings only shareholders are allowed to vote at medical administrator company AGM's.

Any profits made must be allowed to the medical aids surplus account.

The SA Council For Medical Schemes (CMS) is the Government Appointed Body that controls and regulates the Medical Industry including Brokerages (ourselves), Medical Aids, Hospitals, Doctors, Medical Aid Administrators.

We at Harnacks are Contracted Service Providers to the following medical aids...

Medical Aid Institution Non Profit Choice Of Plans Medical Aid Administrator




Liberty Medical Scheme





Makes a profit


Discovery Health (PTY) LTD


Medical Aids Premiums

Cost much less if you choose Doctors, Hospitals, Dentists etc who are contracted in to the medical aid option.

1 Your premium will be less, you should not be charged additional fees by a service provider who is contracted into the medical aid.

2 You will pay a higher premium if it pays

100% medical aid rate

200% medical aid rate

300% medical aid rate

So why not find out what your doctor charges.

Medical Aids must by law offer certain medical plans discounted to members on income bands.

These plans are not inferior plans but are prescribed by law and are subsized by medical funds. It is not at all uncommon for high income earners to choose this option and pay the full premium.

An example of this is Discovery Health's key care plan for 2014:





The benefit is identical.

Who pays what: always read the small print. And also by law in South Africa medical aid premiums cost the same notwithstanding. If you are 19 or 90 years old the premium is the same!

Medical aids do have the option to charge a late joiner fee to over 35's. But they can't "kick out"members who claim a lot therefore this is allowed in the US of A.

Medical Aids must accept everyone no matter how ill the applicant may be. (Do have the option to implement a miximum 12 month waiting period for benefits to "kickin".


Harnacks are registered at the Council For Medical Schemes (CMS) CMS No: 4077

Harnacks are Registered at the Financial Services Board [FSB] FSB No : 36577

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Health Matters

Know Your Status


Medical Aids VS Medical Insurance

On the Leftside Expensive Medical Aidschemes

1. Bonitas

2. Discovery


4. Liberty Medical Scheme

5. Medshield

6. Momentum

7. Resolution Health Medicalscheme

On the Right Corner "Less" Expensive Medical Insurance

It's your choice as brokers, we offer both medical aid and medical insurance.

Goedkoop is Deurkoop

1. Entry Age

2. Benefit Cease Age

3. Exclusions

Medical Aids have No Exclusions, No Entry Age Limit, No Benefit Cease Age.

Top Up Cover

Top up Medical Insurance cover is cheap. Do we need medical Aid Top Up Insurance? No simple answer.

Most medical aids will pay Hospital Accounts in full.

If your doctors charge medical aid rates, you don't need to have top up cover to pay your doctor.

If your GP or Specialist charges medical aid, x 100% or 200% or 300% eish! Phone us on.....and get your top-up cover now!

Your Benefit at Harnacks: We do offer Top-Up cover from A to Z.

1. Agility

2. Ambledown Insurance


4. Zest Insurance

Beware/Caution: Entry Age Limit

Beware/Caution: Benefit Cease Age

Beware/Caution: Exclusions

That's why top-up cover is cheap



  • Don't push yourself as if there is no tomorrow.
  • Make an effort and pack a healthy lunch, a hard boiled egg and cheese.
  • Excercise regularly. Take a stroll and breeth deeply when the pressure pot starts boiling, buy a bike.
  • Give up smoking. It damages your body.
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid carbohydrates.
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