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South Africans are known for their generosity. They love to spend and hate to save.

Most South Africans in fact will find every excuse in the book to avoid committing to regularly invest any money they may save.
We have a culture of spending NOT saving.

But its time to be careful with your money and dont overspend.
SAVING is what you have left at the end of the month, INVESTING is what you should do with your savings.

The Financial Services Board is the regulating body for financial institutions and their stats reflect that less than 6% of us can afford to retire.


It is important that we should start investing as early as possible.
That means it is far better to start a small regular monthly investment now, than being forced into saving large amounts later in life.

It does not matter what or where you decide to invest in ...........an endowment ............a unit trust...........a retirement annuity or a traditional stokvel NOW IS THE TIME.

And now it makes more sense to start a TAX FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT .

This option has been created as a government initiative to encourage us to save and the good news is you can also have TAX FREE UNIT TRUSTS and TAX FREE RETIREMENT ANNUITIES


And investing never ends, just like a healthy diet investing never ends.
If you cant afford to save when you retire, then you cant afford to retire.

What is the difference between saving and investing?


South Africans are struggling to settle their debt. Too few of us have a financial plan.


It's never too late to start saving for retirement. Right now South Africans are the biggest borrower of money in the world. Hardly surprising as many need to catch up in acquiring stuff.


Only about 6% can afford to retire with security. We don't have a culture of saving. People change jobs and spend their pension benefits and don't save them.


As financial planners, advisors and brokers it is our job to stress the need for a financial plan.


WITHOUT A TARGET, ANY SAVINGS TARGET, how will you know when you miss the target?


Getting a bond to buy your home is a good debt.


Investing R50 per month is a good way to save with tax.


A free unit trust of retirement annuities protect entrepreneurs.

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