Retire Secure


If you have just started your first job then it's the right time to start thinking about how much money you will need to retire and when you intend retiring importantly you need to know that no matter how good they may be your financial advisor is not going to make you rich.

That's your job!


If you follow Harnack's financial advice we will ensure that you retire secure.


So start saving now. Talk to your mom and dad; your uncle; your grandparents. Spend a little less. Save a little more now.


Saving R250 pm now will be worth more than saving R250 pm in 10 years time, just ask your folks. Are they able to retire secure?


You don't need to be an Actuary to retire in financial security, but it helps.



Start your retirement Annuity as soon as you start working. Your company pension fund is just not enough.


Make sure you have a medical aid in place to avoid a penalty before you turn 35. A single medical want can wipe out your years of savings.


Unit Trusts and collective investments for both short and medium investments. At Harnacks we are providers of a wide range of top performing portfolios. Everyone needs a unit trust investment.


Who = You

What = Save or Invest

Where = Harnacks will assist and are legislered financial advisors

When = Now, right now

Insurance Brokers and Financial Planners